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Conforma Clad & UltraFlex Brazed Cladding

With the recent addition of Stellite alloy-based materials, Kennametal now has the most complete portfolio of brazed surface treatments for extreme wear environments on the market.

Here’s why we’re different:

  • Unique delivery of our proprietary Conforma Clad™ and UltraFlex products.
  • We can apply a high-quality surface cladding with a consistent thickness to complex geometries.
  • Achieve extended and predictable performance life for your components.

Plus, we give you options. We offer complete fabrication and cladding of components supplied to you, or cladding of components you supply to us. Our regional production and machining centers are available throughout the world.

Conforma Clad Brazed Cladding

Conforma Clad is our proprietary brazed cladding. It is a thin, yet effective, wear solution that can be applied to a wide range of substrates. Kennametal’s patented process enables the cladding to conform to the shape of the component and form a metallurgical bond with the substrate. Unlike most overlay technologies, our process lets us apply Conforma Clad in a uniform thickness over an entire surface.

Conforma Clad is ideal for a highly abrasive and erosive wear environment. The extreme abrasion and erosion resistance is due to the high density of the tungsten carbide particles in the matrix. A 1/16” (1.5mm) thickness of Conforma Clad has about the same wear resistance as 1” thickness of chrome carbide overlay, additionally, it offers significantly more corrosion resistance than untreated steel.


  • High tungsten carbide loading (70%+ wt.) for maximum wear resistance
  • Uniform carbide distribution and microstructure with no interconnected porosity
  • Hardness levels up to 70 HRc
  • Corrosion-resistant nickel binder
  • Forms a strong metallurgical bond [70,000+ psi (483 MPa)]
  • Can be applied to a wide range of materials such as steels, most stainless steels, and high-chrome castings. (Not suited for cast irons or materials with low melting points, like aluminum)
  • Conforms to the substrate surface
  • Minimal diffusion zone

UltraFlex™ Brazed Cladding

UltraFlex is our wear-resistant brazed cladding for non-line-of-sight and difficult-to-reach surfaces. It is available in a broad range of tungsten carbide-based materials for excellent abrasion and erosion resistance, as well as Stellite alloy materials for resistance to corrosion, fretting, and galling.

Kennametal’s UltraFlex is a surface treatment designed for reaching remote locations like inside diameters and complex geometries that are difficult to treat via other methods. UltraFlex has a uniform surface that can be used “as applied” in many applications. It can also be machined or ground to the required finish.


We supply carbide rings for various applications in diameters up to 10" (254mm).

Typical Weld Overlay

  1. Required Surface Layer
  2. 1st Alloy Layer
  3. Nickel Buffer Layer
  4. Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)
  5. 基体

UltraFlex™ Surface Treatment

  1. UltraFlex™ Surface
  2. Minimal Dilution Zone
    0.025mm to 0.25mm (0.001" to 0.010")
  3. 基体

Similar to Conforma Clad, UltraFlex is metallurgically bonded directly to the substrate. This results in better surface properties because buffer layers are not required like they are with some weld overlays. UltraFlex also features minimal dilution and a smaller heat-affected zone (HAZ) compared to traditional welding that can compromise hot hardness and wear resistance.

A unique benefit of UltraFlex is that we can deposit specific Stellite alloy chemistries directly onto substrates. This cannot be achieved by other application methods.

结果:Improved hardness at higher temperatures compared to a weld overlay process.

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