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Surface Mining Where to Use KenCast

Surface Mining Where to Use KenCast

A little KenCast goes a long way. Applied strategically, small KenCast wear parts provide exceptional wear resistance. Use KenCast in these applications to prevent or reduce wear damage and costs.

Surface Mining Applications

Surface Mining Applications

Most surface mining components have a relatively short lifespan due to damage from weather exposure and abrasive materials. KenCast can’t do anything about the weather, but we can do a lot to prevent wear damage.

  • Conical tips
  • Dragline and surface mining
  • bucket lips and shrouds
  • Surface mining drums
  • Scraper blades
  • Grouser bars and track pads
  • Grizzlies and screens
  • Roll drum crushers
  • VSI center feed disks
  • Deflector plates

Customer Experience: When a Kennametal customer’s grizzly crusher was outfitted with KenCast, it withstood 900,000 tons of highly abrasive impact, compared to abrasion-resistant steel that averages only 75,000 tons. This translated into the customer saving $2,000/month.

Underground Mining Applications

Underground Mining Applications

Wear damage is one of the most common and expensive causes of equipment failure in underground mining applications. Kennametal offers 16 styles of CLA tips in different thicknesses and lengths.

  • Continuous loading arm (CLA) tips
  • Gripper cleats
  • Continuous and longwall mining drums
Road Construction and Maintenance Applications

Road Construction and Maintenance Applications

KenCast can increase snowplow blade life by up to 30% and snowplow shoe life up to 10x longer than standard steel shoes.

  • Grader blades
  • Road milling drum bolt protectors
  • Track pads
  • Snowplow blades
  • Snowplow shoes (52 bracket styles)
  • Street sweeper skid shoes


In a customer’s tunnel boring machining application, KenCast corner castings lasted 5x longer than those hardfaced with 4140.

  • Corner wear (using new vertical carbide placement, VCP, technology)
  • Cutting rings on the tunnel boring machine
Grinding and Recycling

Grinding and Recycling

KenCast grinder hammer tips last up to 10x longer than competitive overlay-style tools. Many styles have shown only moderate wear after 40 hours of highly abrasive shingle grinding.

  • Grinder hammer tips
  • Asphalt shingle grinding
  • Green waste and forestry debris recycling