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Metallurgical Expert Knowledge on Titanium:

Titanium alloys retain strength at high temperatures and exhibit low thermal conductivity.

Stainless Steels have a chromium content of at least 12%. It is very reactive from a chemical point of view and is prone to oxidization. The oxide generates a fine, protective skin.

Inconel is a superalloy characterized by a unique combination of high temperature corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and creep resistance.

Alpha-Beta (α-ß) Alloys

These alloys feature both α and ß phase and contain both α and ß stabilizers.
The simplest and most popular alloy in this group is Ti6Al4V, which is primarily used in the aerospace industry. Alloys in this category are easily formable and exhibit high room-temperature strength and moderate high-temperature strength. The properties of these alloys can be altered through heat treatment.

Beta (ß) Alloys

Beta (ß) alloys contain transition metals, such as V, Nb, Ta, and Mo, that stabilize the ß-phase. Examples of commercial ß alloys include Ti11.5Mo6Zr4.5Sn, Ti15V3Cr3Al3Sn, and Ti5553. Beta alloys are readily heat-treatable, generally weldable, and have high strength. Excellent formability can be expected in the solution treated condition. However, ß alloys are prone to ductile-brittle transition and thus are unsuitable for cryogenic applications. Beta alloys have a good combination or properties for sheet, heavy sections, fasteners, and spring applications.

Metallurgical Expert Knowledge on Super Alloys:



The complex shape of an engine casing requires many different machining applications.

A time consuming process that involves turning, rough milling, finish milling, drilling applications like counterboring, tapping, and reaming.

Hours spent along the process chain demand reliable precision tooling.


  • Easy to use high precision tools
  • Finishing solutions from one source
  • Positive cutting edge geometries
  • Modular tooling

Tooling Solutions

Modular End Mills



Stainless Steel Drilling


SGL Drill

Shoulder Milling


Mill 4™-11

Grooving and Cut-Off


Beyond™ Evolution™

Ceramic End Mills