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KMH Drills • Hard Materials • Through Coolant
KMH Drills • Hard Materials • Through Coolant
KMH Drills • Hard Materials • Through Coolant
KMH Drills • Hard Materials • Through Coolant

High-Performance Solid Carbide Drills

KMH Drills • Hard Materials • Through Coolant

SAP Material Number 6359049
ISO Catalog Number B951A14500
ANSI Catalog Number B951A14500
Grade KCH15
[D1] Drill Diameter M 14.5000
[D1] Drill Diameter M .5709
[L] Overall Length 115.0000
[L] Overall Length 4.530
[L3] Flute Length 65.0000
[L3] Flute Length 2.560
[L4] Maximum Drilling Depth 45.0000
[L4] Maximum Drilling Depth 1.770
[L5] Drill Point Length 2.8600
[L5] Drill Point Length .1126
[LS] Shank Length 48.0
[LS] Shank Length 1.889
[D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter 16.0
[D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter .6299
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Uses and application

  • Drilling - Through CoolantDrilling - Through Coolant
  • Through Coolant: MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubricant): DrillingThrough Coolant: MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubricant): Drilling
  • Tool Dimensions: 2flute/2margin/coolantTool Dimensions: 2flute/2margin/coolant
  • Helix Angle: 30°Helix Angle: 30°
  • DrillingDrilling
  • Shank - Cylindrical  Plain ≤h6Shank - Cylindrical Plain ≤h6
  • DIN number 6535DIN number 6535
  • DIN number 6537DIN number 6537
  • Drilling: Cross-Hole DrillingDrilling: Cross-Hole Drilling
  • Drilling: Stacked PlatesDrilling: Stacked Plates
  • 100017654100017654

Workpiece Material


Features and benefits

  • The all new KMH solid carbide drills are engineered for hard material applications up to 65 HRC. The B95_ drill series with through coolant and 140° point is designed for deeper applications.

  • KMH Point Design with curved cutting edge with corner chamfer for maximum corner stability in hard materials. It avoids chipping on cutting edge thus pre-mature wear.

  • Special flute design with strong web to increase the strength of the drill in tough applications with short chips. B95_ series with 30° helix angle to improve chip evacuation in higher length-to-diameter ratios.

  • KCH15 on B95_ with its higher toughness supports edge strength at increased rake angles, which are applied to improve chip evacuation in higher L/D ratios. It carries a high temperature and shock resistance AlTiN coating for machining hardened material to increase tool life.


  • KCH15