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Hole Finishing • Boring Systems

ModBORE™ Boring Systems

Features and benefits
  • For use with FBHM insert holders and FBHM counterweight.

  • Order AFM47SCFPR09 insert cartridge separately to achieve diameter range.
Product specifications
Product # 4168063
ISO Catalog Number EBM1580160162
ANSI Catalog Number EBM1580160162
[BR1] Bore Dia. Range Metric 162,0
[BR1] Bore Dia. Range Inch 6.377
[B] Shank Width Metric 45
[B] Shank Width Inch 1.770
[H] Shank Height Metric 158
[H] Shank Height Inch 6.220
[L] Overall Length Metric 16,15
[L] Overall Length Inch .6400
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FBHM • Extension Bridge

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Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade [BR1] Bore Dia. Range Metric [BR1] Bore Dia. Range Inch [B] Shank Width Metric [B] Shank Width Inch [H] Shank Height Metric [H] Shank Height Inch [L] Overall Length Metric [L] Overall Length Inch
4057095 EBM8015086 EBM8015086 86,00 3.390 45 1.771 80 3.149 15 .5900
4168063 EBM1580160162 EBM1580160162 162,0 6.377 45 1.770 158 6.220 16,15 .6400

Product Usage

Uses and application

  • Reaming: Through Hole
  • Reaming: Blind Hole
  • Reaming: Through & Cross Holes
  • Reaming: Blind & Cross
  • Coolant - Through Coolant