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Indexable Drills

HTS-R Deep-Hole Drilling System

Features and benefits
  • Choose between HSS and solid carbide.
Product specifications
Product # 1854379
ISO Catalog Number B514S10000
ANSI Catalog Number B514S10000
Grade KC7030
[D1] Drill Diameter Min Metric 10
[D1] Drill Diameter Min Inch .3937
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HTS DFR™ • Pilot Drills

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Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade [D1] Drill Diameter Min Metric [D1] Drill Diameter Min Inch
1854378 B514S08000 B514S08000 KC7030 8 .3150
1854379 B514S10000 B514S10000 KC7030 10 .3937
1940738 B513S08000 B513S08000 A30 8 .3150
1940739 B513S08000 B513S08000 AS3 8 .3150
1940740 B513S10000 B513S10000 A30 10 .3937
1940741 B513S10000 B513S10000 AS3 10 .3937

Product Usage


  • A30

    Uncoated sintered HSS-Co, sintered
    Cutting material for pilot drills
    Particularly suitable for NF metals, super-alloys and titanium, and steel in unsuitable conditions

  • AS3

    HSS-Co with PVD-TiN coating
    Cutting material for pilot drill
    For all steel materials, including stainless steel
    For super-alloys and titanium
    Most efficient solution in unsuitable conditions

  • KC7030

    composition: A PVD TiN coated grade with a medium grain, 8.5% cobalt unalloyed substrate.
    application: The substrate of grade KC7030 has a large grain structure that improves toughness, while the
    reduced cobalt content increases wear resistance. The PVD TiN coating resists abrasive wear, reduces
    frictional heat, and preserves edge strength. These combinations make this grade ideal for machining
    long-chipping materials such as low-carbon steel, austenitic stainless steel and heat-resistant alloys.
    geometry: The cutting edge has a light hone and corner chamfer.