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Torque, Thrust, and Power

Calculate Torque, Thrust, and Machining Power for KSEM, SE Drill, Drill Fix, HTS and HTS-C Applications.


Calculate Torque

in. mm
sfm m/min
in. mm
in./rev mm/rev
rpm 1/min
lnch3/min cm3/min
ipm mm/min

Your Results

in-lb. Nm
lb-force N
horsepower kilowatt

Calculated Required Power

3.2808 feet
0.22481 lb-force
0.737561 ft-lbs
1.341022 hp
0.3048037 m
4.4482007 N
1.3558201 Nm

These calculations are based upon theoretical values and are only intended for planning purposes. Actual results will vary. No responsibility from Kennametal is assumed.